Trump/Pence spokesman talks White House impact on midterms

NOW: Trump/Pence spokesman talks White House impact on midterms


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Marc Lotter, the former special assistant to President Donald Trump and press secretary to Mike Pence, was in town to energize Republicans ahead of November’s midterm.

“I think the American people but also people back home in Indiana can see the progress that we’re making under the leadership of President Trump,” said Lotter.

Conservatives are looking to block the “blue wave” in 2018 with the help from the White House.

Vice President Pence uniquely took the lead by fundraising more than a half million dollars for Republican candidates across the state through his Great America Committee leadership PAC.

Lotter, who now serves as the vice president’s spokesperson, believes that hands-on strategy could help candidates like Indiana US Senate GOP nominee Mike Braun in the fall.

“This is just another opportunity for him to continue building the team and support to take us to 2018 and the president’s election in 2020 and I think it’s something future vice presidents will follow,” said Lotter.

While reports say there’s tension between the Pence and Trump, Lotter has worked closely with the former and believes there’s no daylight between the two.

“At one point last week we were being accused of being too loyal and then a few days later it was, he was running a shadow campaign 50 feet from the Oval Office; neither of those things are true,” he said.

There are a lot of eyes on Pence’s rising star power and while Republicans are utilizing it to help win key races, others question if the vice president will eventually use it for his own political gain.

Lotter says that’s not on Pence’s mind.

“Nothing beyond 2020 and making sure President Trump is re-elected,” he said.

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