Tuesday brings clear side roads for South Bend

NOW: Tuesday brings clear side roads for South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- City officials say side roads in South Bend’s residential areas should be clear Tuesday.

The South Bend Street Department received complaints after a snowy weekend of snow piling up on side roads.

Derick Roberts, director of streets and sewers for the city, says the plow drivers have been working 12 hour days in an effort to keep the roads clear. The main streets were a challenge enough to keep up with, and cold temperatures slowed down the removal process. 

"A lot of the time that just makes the snow that much harder to remove from the streets,” said Roberts.

And freezing snow can also inconvenience people living along those streets.

“We understand that sometimes the snow kicks up into people's driveway and freezes there, which makes it harder for them to remove,” said Roberts. “It's a byproduct of the job."

The city has 36 hours after the last snowflake falls to clean the roads. That 36 hours lasted through Monday and allowed the city to focus on the side roads throughout the day.

 "If after that 36 hours, if your road still isn't cleared, we would ask them to call 311 and then we'll get a supervisor out there to check and see what we can do to make sure we get that corrected,” said Roberts.

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