Two charged in sexual and battery charges with teen

Two men are facing charges for crimes against a 14-year-old girl.

Anthony Milton, 18, has been charged with battery with a deadly weapon, after allegedly slicing the 14-year-old with a razor blade.

Billy Gross, 20, is charged with sexual misconduct with that same teen.

Marshall County court documents say on the 17th of April, the victim was drinking at Gross' home and both men had sexual relations with the teen.

After she and her parents reported the crime to Plymouth Police, investigators couldn't find the two men in town.

That's because they say the pair had traveled to Kosciusko County.

On May 4th, police received a tip that Milton was at a McDonald's in Warsaw.

He was located and arrested.

Police say Milton admitted to cutting the girl and knew she was underage.

Milton claims the teen had dared him to cut her with the razor blade.

He reportedly admitted that he and Gross had sexual relations with the girl in the basement of his Plymouth home.

Warsaw Police arrested Gross, also on May 4th.

Gross claims he thought the teenager was 18-years-old.

There has been a no contact order submitted by the prosecutor's office between the teen and Gross.
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