U-pick strawberry season in full swing

GOSHEN, Ind. -- It's not quite officially summer, but the strawberries are ripe for picking. U-pick season is already underway at Yoder’s strawberry fields.

Owner Dale Yoder says last year was a pretty good crop of strawberries despite the drought.
This year's crop is about twice as big as last year's due to plenty of rain and the temperate weather.
That means more berries, bigger berries and more business.

"Much better season. People are getting really nice berries out. Lots and lots of berries when they're out there for just a few minutes. Takes about a half hour to fill up a bucket and they're good to go and go home and do up the strawberries,” said Darci VanDiepenbo of Yoder’s U-Pick.

The season is expected to last through July 4th, depending on the weather.

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