Unemployed for Christmas

NILES, Mich. - The employment rate is 9.8% across Michigan, a number that is stopping gift giving this Christmas and raising concerns about the new year.

Rebecca Biggs turned to Facebook pleading for a job. She posted her qualifications and asked anyone who was hiring for drywall or light construction work to contact her.

She even posted on ABC 57's Facebook page.

"It's tough out there for a lot of people, not just me, a lot of people are struggling," Biggs said.

I met with Biggs at her fathers home Thursday night. At 42-years-old she admitted living with her dad isn't exactly where she thought she would be in life.

"I feel bad. I wish things were different, that I had bettered my life," she said.

Biggs worked for 16 years hanging drywall. The employer she worked for moved to Missouri and that was end of work for Biggs. She has been unemployed for a year and said all she wants for Christmas is a pay check.

"I need the work. I can do a good job. I can be dependable if you hire me I won't disappoint you."

Biggs is single, without kids and is currently living with her father. Her mother died 5-years-ago from breast cancer. She said it has worked out well living with her dad because she knows he doesn't want to be alone, but still it's not the same.

"I'm 42-years-old. i need to live on my own, dad can't support me forever."

Biggs is just one of several people that reached out on Facebook saying they too are without work.

If you are hiring for any position, please, click on our ABC 57 Facebook page and let folks like Biggs know about it.


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