Unity Gardens' West Side BBQ

NOW: Unity Gardens’ West Side BBQ


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- You typically don't hear the words "barbeque" and "garden" in the same sentence but Sunday's event blended the two together to shed light on a healthy, local resource in South Bend as well as support culinary professionals in our area.

"We're literally growing new chefs and good food," said Aubrie Millard and Sara Stewart. 

A barbeque at the garden is helping to bring together the South Bend community through family fun and fresh food.

"Today is our annual barbecue event, Westside Barbecue and Crafts. We have vendors."

"We have all sorts of food here, music, live bands, as Aubrie said a bunch of craft vendors, kids' activities."

The event highlights Unity Gardens as a free, local resource for fresh produce.

"At Unity Gardens, it's an edible park. It's a dignified free food experience, but it's for everyone. And so why can't we make these beautiful green spaces where people can connect to the food, each other, and nature."

Proceeds from Sunday's event support the work being done at Unity Gardens -- as well as South Bend's chapter of the American Culinary Federation -- to enhance the professional growth of chefs in our area.

"All of it is a great celebration in connecting our community not only to healthy food out here, but also through growing new chefs with our local ACF chapter.

The owner of Unity Gardens adds that the event also helps bring people out to the west side of town -- and find its hidden gems.

"This is an event that brings people to the west side, they have no other reason sometimes to come here. So as this gets bigger and bigger, I’ve heard more people say ‘oh my gosh’, they’ve always wanted to come out to the garden but never bothered except for this.”

"It really builds the community’s relationship and it brings everyone together."

To learn more about the unity garden, go to their website at Unity Gardens.org

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