UPDATE: Overnight Pole Barn Fire in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A fire ripped through a South Bend Home Thursday Night destroying the place.

It happened near the intersection of Nash and Edward Street.

Firefighters said the hardest area to put out was the section owned by the Marble and Stone Shop. Flames were going all the way through the roof, making it a tough fire to put out.

Most of the firefighters spent their night pouring foam on the pole barn to make sure the fire stayed out. They say what made it so hard to extinguish was all the granite counter tops, machinery, and storage inside the barn.

"For a pole barn it was a lot of stuff and it was going pretty good. That's why we were having getting a lot of hot spot," said South Bend Battalion Chief Nick Teckler.

Teckler said investigators are expected to be back on the scene Thursday morning. They currently do not know what caused the fire.

The owner was contacted by his neighbor across the street.


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