New technology connects first responders, dispatchers

NOW: New technology connects first responders, dispatchers

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - New technology is making life much easier for South Bend, Mishawaka and St. Joseph County first responders.

Starting Monday, all police and fire departments in the county are on the same new computer aided design for dispatch.

It all boils down to keeping all public safety employees on the same page, with the same fast information.

Whenever the central dispatch center receives a 911 call, a list of basic information gets sent to both the dispatcher and the first responder over a computer.

It provides GPS information, including the fastest routes officers can take to get to a scene.

Another new features alerts all public safety employees within an immediate radius when a wanted person is located by an officer by way of license scanning.

Officers and firefighters can personalize the types of alerts they receive, as well as the area from which the calls come from.

County Police Assistant Chief Bill Thompson says this update is about to keep the people he serves far safer.

“Any time you can get a greater amount of information disseminated out to the people who really need it in that real time, that real fast time that you sometimes need, that’s an advantage for us,” Thompson said.

Dispatchers will still use radios to communicate back and forth with officers as well.

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