Urban Garden Market looks to fix food desert issue in South Bend

Late last month we shed light on the issue of food deserts in South Bend. Now a local farmer says he's working to fix that issue on the west side of town. 

Local farmer Michael Totton saw our story late last month on areas in our community more than 10 miles from a grocery store and immediately reached out. 

He's working on an Urban Garden Market on Kenwood Avenue, that way  people in the area don't have to go far for fresh veggies and fruits. 

The USDA says the city has seven food deserts. The Urban Garden Market wants to make that number go down, with affordable items in a convenient location. They even accept EBT and Food Stamps. 

"I know that the food desert is a huge problem all over the country," said Michael Totten, market manager. "I wanted to be one of those people that brought that food to the side of the community that needs it. And that's why I chose to be a part of this market."

The Urban Garden Market will be open Saturday's from 10am - 2pm starting April 30. 

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