U.S. Army celebrates Black History Month at Clay High School

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The U.S. Army rolled up to Clay High School on Tuesday, bringing a truckload of history along with them!

They presented students with an Interactive Semi-Truck Experience that honors African American soldiers in celebration of Black History Month.

The exhibit paid homage to the African American soldiers that served in the U.S. Army during all wars, African American leaders in the U.S. Army, Women in the Army and the Medal of Honor recipients.

The semi holds a 60-foot tractor / trailer with two exhibitors, a self-contained classroom, a Discovery Educational Videos Pack and Army-Branded/MOS Videos, Laser Shot Engagement System, Career Navigation Kiosks with Internet Access, Leadership Training Tasks in a Box, Video Gaming Systems, an XBOX 360 with Kinect, and a WII!

Take a look around the inside of the semi for yourself! Click here.

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