Vandals deface U.S.S. Indianapolis Memorial

INDIANAPOLIS -- On Tuesday, vandals defaced the U.S.S. Indianapolis Memorial in downtown Indianapolis.

Police said someone drew an offensive gesture on the marble and limestone statue with some type of brown substance.

Removing it won't be easy, especially from the names engraved in the memorial.

"I just think it's young kids. They're out of school now. They're bored and got a bottle of ketchup or barbeque sauce and decided to spray it over the monument to all of those people who gave their lives and died so we could have our freedom," said John Graves, of the U.S.S. Indianapolis Memorial.

A Japanese sub sank the U.S.S. Indianapolis in 1945, shortly after it delivered parts for the atomic bomb.

Only 317 of the nearly 1,200 sailors on-board survived.

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