Veterans' affairs agency sets new rules

NOW: Veterans’ affairs agency sets new rules

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.--- Indiana officials are stressing transparency for the state’s veterans’ affairs agency. Its leader, James Brown, resigned over accusations that he gave away funds to people who worked under him.

The Indiana Military Family Relief Fund was created in 2007 to help struggling veterans. It is funded through license plate fees.

According to the Indianapolis Star, although the people that received grants from Brown were veterans, they found that those recipients were making state salaries ranging from $40,000 to $50,000. Brown denied the allegations.

The commission chairman, Erika Steuterman, a retired Air Force major general, said the new rules will work to sustain clarity.  

“There was discretion before and perhaps there weren’t the best decisions made,” said Steuterman. “But this rule will take care of any ambiguity.”

The new rules currently state that:

·        Grants above $2,500 cannot be approved by the agency’s director

·        Grants over the over $2,500 must be approved by the commission, which is appointed by the governor

·        Only veteran’s whose gross household income is no more than twice the federal poverty guideline can receive help

·        The income limit is $24,120 for individuals or $49,200 for a household of four

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