Veterans react to Army cuts

The reality of major budget cuts at the Pentagon are sinking in for hundreds of thousands of our troops and their families.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel suggested even bigger cuts to the total number of active-duty soldiers. He wants to reduce the overall force to its smallest size since before World War II.

But some veterans are saying after more than a decade of war, the cuts are unfair.

"They keep cutting, they keeping cutting, they keep cutting. Why don't they take a look at themselves and see where they could cut? Don't take it from the people that truly had to sacrifice. Not to include just the service members, but also their families that had to sacrifice," said former Marine William Bodette.

Hagel said the budget cuts provide a "realistic alternative" to more harsh sequestration cuts while maintaining military readiness.

The President will submit his 2015 budget to Congress sometime next week.

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