Victim identified in Cedar Street shooting, family and neighbors speak out

NOW: Victim identified in Cedar Street shooting, family and neighbors speak out


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A South Bend mom was struck by gunfire in her own home Sunday night. 

Monday, the family identified the victim as 40-year-old Kylea Robinson. 

Robinson's husband tells ABC57 News that someone who they do not know, drove up along the house on Jacob Street, and shot several times into the home.

Robinson was struck in the leg.  Her family says she is now in stable condition.

Neighbors are still shaken by the shooting. 

"Bang, bang, bang," was how one neighbor, who wished to not be shown on camera, describes the gunshots. "It was enough to scare us."

Cedar Street looks very different than it did 24 hours ago, when police swarmed the street, after reports of shots fired. 

Neighbors say this area is getting very unsafe.

"How scary it is that something like this could happen so close to home," says a neighbor. "We don't see much crime on out little block, but it's all around us. We do worry about it."

Denilson Vega's girlfriend lives on the block and he's constantly worrying about her safety.

"Sometimes when I come and drop her off, there will be some people just walking around, in between houses. I don't feel safe leaving her here," he says. 

He recalls Sunday's shots as loud. At first, he thought they were fireworks. 

Safety is now a major concern for many in this neighborhood.

Markings on the street show eight shell casings were found Sunday night, and that's eight too many for Vega. 

"Some people have invested a lot of money to live here, and to be in the pocket of [the violence] is unfortunate," he says.

"We've been living here 40 years. The neighborhood has definitely gone down hill as far as safety concerns go," says a neighbor. "Our kids don't feel safe with us living here. So we're planning to move."

Robinson's husband says he has no idea who fired those shots.

Police and the family are both asking anyone with any information to call the South Bend Police Department. 

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