Victim says intruders were after his legal marijuana

A home invasion in Berrien Springs leads to gun fire, and on Monday, ABC 57 spoke with the victim.

32-year-old Travis Eidsness says he told an old co-worker about his legal marijuana use.

He believes that information got into the wrong hands.

“I don’t understand how this could be random the guy was obviously here for something we’re medicinal marijuana patients he had a drug enforcement hat on come on she knows, she knows my business knows I’m a medicinal marijuana patient medical marijuana so we honestly think they were here for that,” said Eidsness.

On Friday morning, Eidness was sitting at home playing Xbox, when he saw someone at his door with a DEA hat on.

Quickly though, it was clear, that it was no real federal agent.

A scuffle ensued and Eidsness was shot in the shoulder before moving the other suspects out of the way and making a run for it, towards his neighbor’s house.

“He was home and made sure I was safe, went inside and got his hunting rifle just in case those guys came back and he was standing there protecting me the whole time  until the ambulance got there he wasn’t going to let anything happen to me, he was like your alright Travis I got you,” said Eidsness.

All together his phone, tablet, and all of his medical marijuana were taken from his home.

Berrien Springs Police are still on the hunt for three suspects.

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