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Victims of quadruple shooting identified; homeowner shows damage caused by crash

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Officials have named the victims of the fatal shooting on Frederickson Street.

Wednesday night police say 25-year-old Anton James Jr. was found dead in a vehicle near Johnson and Frederickson Streets. 29-year-old Damon Bethel was found dead in the 2100 block of Frederickson. Police believe both of them died from gunshot wounds.

Two other victims were shot and are currently in critical condition, Alyssa Sanchez, 24, and Joshua Sage, 34.

Investigators say the vehicle carrying James Jr. hit a fence and the side of a home on Johnson Street.

Miguel Chagro has lived there with his family for about four years.

“I was sleeping but my mother-in-law woke me up. She said ‘I felt like the house was shaking.’ It was a lot of blocks blowing into the basement,” says Chagro.

The car left a 4-foot opening in the side of the Chagro’s home; knocking bricks, concrete and glass into their basement.

“We were very, very scared. We think we may move out cause we don’t like this kind of situation we are in right now,” says Chagro.

Two people are being held behind bars in connection to the incident. 40-year-old Ronald Snyder Jr. was arrested on a drug charge and 37 year old Robert Brady Jr., 37, was arrested on a gun charge.

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