Viewer photos of November snowfall

If you would like to share photos with us, please email them to [email protected]. Please include your name (for credit) and location.

Photo: Margaret Okay (Elkhart)

Photo: Lily Anstaklis (Granger)

Photo: Mary Carman (Elkhart)

Photo: Bob Sumption (east of Cassopolis)

Photo: Peggy (Dowagiac)

Photo: Mark Harmon (Goshen)

Photo: Bevin Redding (Elkhart)

Photo of Nolan Peffley using his Project Blizzard snow stick! (Niles)

Photo: Andrea Dunn (Niles)

Photo: Josh McNeil (Edwardsburg)

Photo: Dan Forehand (Dunlap)

Photo: Carol Wesselhoft (Elkhart)

Photo: Jennifer St. Clair (Elkhart)

Photo: Tiffany Anderson

Photo: Bryan Milstead (Edwardsburg)

Photo: Scott Perry (Goshen)

Photo: Jennifer Parrish (Cassopolis)

Photo: Amanda Seidl (Dunlap/Goshen)

Photo: Kathy Berg (Dunlap)

Photo: Joan Briggs (Jimtown)

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