Volunteers deliver Thanksgiving dinner to over 400 families in Michiana

For decades, Hope Ministries has fed hundreds of families on Thanksgiving.  This year volunteers prepped meals and delivered them to over 400 families in need.

“You have the thankful side of Thanksgiving and then you have the giving side and this is our way to give,” explained Monique VanWaeyenberghe, who has volunteered at Hope Ministries for eleven years.

Thursday, there was standing room only at Hope Ministries while volunteers worked for hours to make the day special for families in need.

“Because we really have a lot to be thankful for,” said Bill Crane.

Crane has been volunteering for the last 20 Thanksgivings.

“Even if it were just one family, one or two people to serve and to give them something they might not be able to afford, it would be worth it,” said VanWaeyenberghe. “This is my Thanksgiving.”

Volunteers packed their cars full of food and hit the road, but they said delivering food to needy families, was not their only focus.

“We talk a lot with them we have prayer, it is just a thing to really help bring them together so they don't feel so lonely or left out,” explained Crane.

 “I feel like it is really important that my kids understand there are people who don't live the same way they do,” said Deana Gregory.

Gregory's family delivered food to families in need. The Gregory family said for them, giving back is what the day is about and they will definitely be back next year, even if Michiana has another white Thanksgiving.

“I'm a Hoosier and this is Indiana weather. It is not going to stop us.  These people need our help and so we are going to do this, snow, bad roads, does not matter,” said Gregory.
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