Voters in New Hampshire want candidate who shares Granite State values

NOW: Voters in New Hampshire want candidate who shares Granite State values

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Voters in New Hampshire are preparing to cast their ballot on Tuesday, the first primary in the nation. Some voters say they're using the final hours to choose their candidate, while others know exactly who they will support.

Voters at the Airport Diner in Manchester say they want a candidate who shares New Hampshire values.

“Here in New Hampshire, I think people here take a lot of pride in being first in the nation for the primary and because of that they pay attention," said Gordon Fogal, manager of the Airport Diner.

One of those people keeping a close eye is Natalie Stanley.

“I’m definitely voting," Stanley said.

But she’s not sure who she’ll support yet.

Stanley said since her first choice dropped out she’s been trying to decide between former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“It’s just so tough. I’ll figure it out when I walk into the booth tomorrow," Stanley said.

Dave Allsop of Bedford knows who he’ll support.

“President Trump. We think he’s done a fabulous job so far with the country and we want that to continue for the next four years," Allsop said.

As an Air Force veteran he likes the president’s support of the military.

“It means a lot to the troops to know that their president is behind them," Allsop said.

Jeffery Myrdek also plans to vote for Trump, but says Buttigieg is an impressive candidate that voters in the Granite State should keep an eye on.

“He’s a veteran. He has some experience running a city and I have to say this. Out of most of the democratic candidates, he makes most sense as far as trying to bring everyone together," Myrdek said.

New Hampshire’s Secretary of State expects 420,000 people to vote in this year’s primary.

If those numbers hold true, it would be the most votes cast in a presidential primary when an incumbent is running for re-election.

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