Voters weigh in on Tuesday night's debates

NOW: Voters weigh in on Tuesday night’s debates

Mayor Pete Buttigieg stood up to the competition during Tuesday night's Democratic primary debate in Detroit. He grabbed the most talking time after the top two contenders, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Did voters change their opinion on Buttigieg after the debate?

Signs and buttons for Pete Buttigieg are popping up at the Detroit democratic debates.

“I just think he would be the best for this country moving us forward," said James Ryder, a voter from Birmingham, Michigan.

“It was a tough stage but I thought he did great. I just love Pete Buttigieg," said Elizabeth Meyers from Wayne, Michigan.

Among the voters who say they're attracted to Buttigieg as a candidate, there's a common thread.

“I think he's so fresh. He has great ideas. He’s so smart. He’s a triple threat," Meyers said.

“He’s articulate and he voices his policies in a way that we can understand," said Frank Colasonti Jr from Birmingham, Michigan.

“I really think the way that Mayor Pete articulates his vision and his thoughtfulness in his answers is pretty remarkable," said Kris Brown, President of Brady.

While so far there hasn't been a clear winner, there does seem to be a top three.

“I think all of the candidates tonight did a very good job of course the field is crowded," Brown said.

Meyers listed her top three.

“It was Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Bernie Sanders," Meyers said.

Warren, Buttigieg and Sanders had the most talking time in Tuesday night's debate.

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