Walorski absent for town hall, constituents still demanding answers

It has gone from ‘Where is Walorski?’ to ‘Where was Walorski?’

Some of the congresswoman’s constituents were back outside her Mishawaka office Wednesday wanting to know why she didn’t attend a recent town hall about health care.

Over 500 people showed up to the town hall on April 9th.

But the congresswoman was a no-show and never sent her RSVP.

One woman who participated Wednesday also spoke at the town hall and she’s still worried about the future of health care and has a good reason why.

She gave birth to triplets prematurely in 2014 and would’ve had $5 million in hospital bills if it wasn’t for the Affordable Care Act.

“It took a lot for me to get out and tell my story at the town hall. This is obviously a very emotional issue for me. And for her to just not show up and step outside of her comfort zone, that was kind of a big slap in the face…we still want to have a conversation, you know, I mean, she says she has an open door policy, but there were over 500 people at the town hall. There’s no way she can sit down and meet with all of those people individually,” said Jennica Liberatore, South Bend resident.

We asked her spokesman if she was in town the day of the town hall and for the reason why she didn’t attend.

He said in a statement: “Over the last few months, Congresswoman Walorski has met with hundreds of constituents in her office and around the district, as well as visited local small businesses, community organizations, places of worship, and more…We appreciate all input from 2nd District Hoosiers and will be reviewing the questions and sharing them with the congresswoman, along with the thousands of phone calls, letters, and emails our office receives from constituents each week.”

A DVD copy of the event and a binder full of written questions were delivered to Walorski’s staff.

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