Warnings for driving on the Bypass during strong wind

Law enforcement across Michiana is asking drivers to take precautions especially while driving on the highways in the windy weather.

The Bypass is an area that attracts traffic issues during severe weather and it is not immune to high wind. 

St Joseph County Police say these high winds should be taken just as seriously as any winter storm.

Sergeant Wigfall with the St. Joseph County Police Department says he has been out patrolling the Bypass all of Thursday. 

While driving on U.S. 20 he is making sure drivers are being cautious.

There are some ‘surprise areas’ on the Bypass like the bridge at the Elm Street exit or while driving around curves. 

In those spots the winds can really pick up. 

He says larger SUVs and top heavy trucks are the most likely to be hit by high wind.

Sergeant Wigfall adds that all drivers need to be aware that larger trucks and semis can block the wind causing a false sense of security.

“They will think, OK I can speed up a little bit or I can dart in and out of traffic. And what we have to worry about a lot of time is when cars and SUVs are passing these trucks and all a sudden they are passing them and as they pass them they will think everything is fine and they will get out in front of them and a wind gust will catch them and they will start to swerve back and forth,” says Wigfall. 

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