Water rates going down by 5-percent in Benton Harbor

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Benton Harbor residents will begin to see a decrease in their water bills as of October 7. The mayor says it's time for the residents to get some relief.

"They really have been outrageous," said Willie Lark, owner of Lark's BBQ.

Lark says he can't cut back on water use to save money.

"We can't skimp on water, I mean we have to keep things clean, we have to constantly mop, we do car washing and detailing so there is no way we can actually skimp on water," said Lark.

There is some relief in sight.

Benton Harbor residents will see a 5-percent decrease in their water rates.

Lark isn't the only one happy to see a decrease in water bills.

"Absolutely, I think this will be a good thing for the water to be reduced," said Ethel Golliday.

"A lot of people say the water is too high. The way the economy is now, they definitely need some relief," said Dorothy Golliday.

Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower has been working on this since February. He is ready for it to be put into action.

"And in this bill it includes your sewer, water, and trash pick up. So to be able to give them a five-percent relief I know it is modest, but they are very happy about it. I am ecstatic about it to be able to do it," said Hightower.

The mayor says he will continue to look at cut backs for the residents of Benton Harbor within the water department and also is looking into improving the quality of services for the city.

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