Weather impacts on Warren Golf Course ahead of U.S. Senior Open

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—The 40th U.S. Senior Open kicks off on Thursday morning and crews have been working hard to prepare Warren Golf Course for the event.

With the amount of rain that has hit the area over the last two months, getting the course ready for the championship have been a bit more difficult.

USGA Senior Director of Championships, Ben Kimball, says the weather has set them back a little bit but he’s overall happy with where the course is at on the first day of the championship.

“They’ve come to expect as the week goes on the conditions will be more difficult. They’ll see that in firmness than anything else but we can’t control firmness, only the weather pattern dictates everything,” Kimball said. “It’s an outdoor sport and we’ll adjust to see what Mother Nature has in store for us.”

Players are watching the forecast very carefully over the next four days.

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