Weatherproofing your Halloween Costume

NOW: Weatherproofing your Halloween Costume

Halloween is a fun time for kids and even parents but there are few things to keep in mind as you are getting the little ones ready for trick-or-treating.

Temperatures this afternoon and evening will be falling from the lower 40s into 30s. It could feel even colder as a wind chill value could be close to freezing at times. No need to worry though, there are some ways to weatherproof your costume.

First, have some snow pants or long johns on underneath your costume. Second, hand and foot warmers are a good way to keep those areas warm as those areas tend to be the first to cool down the fastest. Last, think about a thermal top or jacket for the kids too.

Other transportation might be the way to go as well. Have your kids trick-or-treat down the street and pick them up in you afterwards, so they have some time to warm up before heading back out.

If your kids are not dressed warm enough, hypothermia could become an issue with being outside for an extended amount of time. A few signs of hypothermia setting in are slurred speech or mumbling, shivering, skin becoming numb and clumsiness. If you notice these signs, make sure you find a way to warm up and get out of the cold.

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