Westview Whistler shows school pride in a unique way

NOW: Westview Whistler shows school pride in a unique way


When you go to the town of Topeka, Indiana, you'll find a nice, quiet town most of the year, but during basketball season at Westview High School, the town turns into a frenzy thanks to one fan.

Unlike other schools,the game doesn't begin after the starting lineups are announced.

Meet Dan Byler, or better known as the Westview Whistler; the final piece of the pregame festivities, a tradition started thirty years ago.

"We started doing it at the girls games and we would do a pyramid and ti would be all guys from our class and we would make a pyramid sometime during the game, I would climb up on top and whistle to get the crowd going," Byler said.

It's a job not suited for everyone according to Byler.

"Takes a lot of wind, you got to be a real windbag to be able to do it," Byler said.

There's no real secret to his preparation.

"Usually before the first game of the season I'll make sure it's still there," said Byler.

He's at almost every game, helping broadcast a live stream, but when he doesn't show up, his absence is felt.

"There's a big hole, like something's missing for our game," Diane Roe said.

"If I'm not here, they're standing around waiting for the toss," Byler said.

Byler tends to keep a low profile during the games but when it's close, he finds his second wind. Doing this all for his love of high school basketball.

"I love high school basketball, the intensity that they play at. I don't even watch pro basketball that's not basketball, there's no defense but I love the intensity when you have a team that's well disciplined and I love the atmosphere when you get crowds here. It's good clean fun," Byler said.

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