'Wicked' beneficial for downtown businesses

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- 'Wicked' is finally here and South Bend is buzzing with excitement and it is not just fans that are loving it. Downtown restaurants and businesses are also feeling the effects of the spell.

“Wicked” has traveled the country for 10 years, but for the first time ever it is making a stop in South Bend.

"It’s exciting because a lot of people aren’t able to get out to go see it in Chicago, Fort Wayne or somewhere else," said Joetta Winslow.

As much as she loves ‘Wicked’, Winslow says she was surprised to see downtown South Bend buzzing with people Thursday night.

"A lot of people, everywhere!" said Winslow.

More people means local restaurants like Trios were busy.

"It was phenomenally busy," said Trios Manager Joe Harden. "The entire dining room was packed, the jazz club was packed."

Harden says being so close to the Morris Performing Arts Center is great for business, but 'Wicked' is even better. He says 'Wicked' is bringing in double the amount of people than other performance nights.

"It’s really good for the businesses," said Winslow. "I mean you can feel the excitement and hustle and bustle downtown."

'Wicked runs through May 19th and tickets are still available. For more information on show times just visit http://www.morriscenter.org/.

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