Wife accused of killing soldier husband makes disturbing social media posts

NOW: Wife accused of killing soldier husband makes disturbing social media posts

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- ABC57 is continuing to gather more details about the days before and after the murder of a Berrien County soldier who was shot and killed while home on leave during the holidays.

Police say Tyrone Hassel III's wife, Kemia Hassel, and her lover, Jeremy Cuellar, plotted and murdered Hassel on New Year's eve. Both of the suspects were also active duty soldiers.

"I didn't know of her as that person. Obviously, none of us knew her, including my son." Tyrone Hassel Jr., Hassel III's father, said.

Hassel Jr. says Kemia Hassel lived with him for nearly two weeks following the shooting. In fact, it was the day of Tyrone's funeral when he found out Kemia may have been involved in the death. He actually drove her to the police station where she was questioned and eventually arrested.

"He (a detective) was like 'Mr. Hassel, go home and get some rest because she's going to be a while.' And instantly my stomach... I just got sick." Hassel Jr. said.

Kemia's Facebook page also shows disturbing posts for nearly two weeks after the murder. She made nearly two dozens posts about her husband's death. 

"I just wish I was dreaming. I'm not trying to blame myself..." She wrote on January 12th.

"Everyboy keep telling me to be strong, but I don't wanna be strong!! My husband was the strong one!! So now... what I'm supposed to do?" Was posted on January 5th.

She made several other posts that day. In one, she shared a gofundme page dedicated to raising money for a reward to catch the killer. In another she posted a picture of her and Tyrone when she was pregnant with a caption saying, "I owe you another baby... We needed a girl."

She also posted about their son saying, "Our son about to be 2 and you not here with him."

Right now, she and Cuellar are facing charges in Michigan, a state without the death penalty. But, they could eventually face a court martial as well and the possibility of the military's death row.

"I would just like justice to be served. I won't say that I want death penalty. I won't say I don't. I will say I just want justice to be served. I will let God make that decision." Hassel Jr. said.

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