Wife arrested after allegedly running down, killing husband on I-64 in Norfolk

A woman has been arrested after allegedly killing her husband by dropping him off on I-64, then returning and running him down with her car.

The incident happened shortly after midnight Saturday morning on I-64 at 4th View.

Tameka Moore (also known as Tameka Whitaker), was driving with her husband Karl Moore in a 2011 Volkswagen when something happened between the two.

Tameka stopped and left Karl on the shoulder of the highway, then returned and struck him with the car, killing him instantly, according to State Police.

Moore was taken to Norfolk General Hospital where she was treated and then released into police custody.

She has been charged with DUI and refusal of a breath test and was taken to Norfolk City Jail.

The Commonwealth Attorney's Office will determine if more charges will be filed once the investigation is complete.

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