Winter ice sculpture festival

The small town of Shipeshewana is turning into a winter wonderland of sorts, ice carvers have been sculpting for hours during the first day of the annual ice festival.

On the first Friday after Christmas, the little town of Shipshewana turns into a gleaming winter attraction.

Bringing in thousands of people from all over take in the glacial masterpieces.

From Duck Dynasty to a nativity scene, these masterpieces are a unique sight. 

Kevin Lutton one of the carvers says he loves what he does.

These master carvers work tirelessly to create beautiful pieces out of solid ice blocks of ice.

Ice that weights thousands of pounds. 

All together there is close to twenty thousand pounds of ice at Shipshewana.

All that ice, turns into twenty individual carvings . 

Saturday morning starting at 10 o'clock , all carvers will be competing- having 45 min to carve something of their choice, then they are judged , the winner gets a cash prize.

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