Winter storm brings feet of snow, hindering holiday travel.

NOW: Winter storm brings feet of snow, hindering holiday travel.

The next big winter storm system is traversing its way across the U.S., leaving feet of snow in its wide path. On Wednesday, winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories, wind advisories, gale warnings and more, colored the map, showing us the large span of this system. The Colorado Rockies will receive up to a foot of snow. Up to eighteen inches may accumulate across parts of Utah, and up to a foot of snow, plus low visibilities and drifting snow are creating problems in Montana.

This system will take a southeasterly route towards the southern Plains on Thursday. The snow will ease up once the system makes it to the Plains due to cold dry air in the northern Plains. Still, up to five inches will likely accumulate across parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

By Friday, the strong low pressure system will track to the northeast, bringing heavy rain to the southeast states on Friday. Michiana will stay far enough north of the warm front and low, that most of the rain, mix and snow will stay out of the area.  The east coast is in for some messy weather by Saturday, creating worry for those with holiday travel plans.

For those planning to travel across the great lakes region, Saturday looks like a good travel day, but on Sunday (Christmas Eve) more snow will move in, making travel a bit more difficult. Find out the rest of the holiday forecast here.

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