Wisconsin church offers free beer to new members

 A new church in Wisconsin is taking an unusual approach to get new members.

Renew Covenant Church is planning on offering free beer for new members to their church.

Currently, they are using the South Middle School auditorium in Eau Claire as a temporary location until they find a permanent building to house their Sunday services.

The church hosted an event at a bar to get the word out.

“I know it might be weird, and it might cause tension for a church to have an event in a bar, but as Jesus did his ministry, he went out to the places that others thought that maybe he shouldn't be or places he shouldn't go. And so, we want to do that as a church,” says Pastor Jamie Staples of Renew Covenant Church.

The church does not have a financial cap on the amount they plan to spend on beer; however, they will only buy one beer for each person.
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