Wisconsin mother creates high tech car seat to combat heat related child deaths

By Stephanie Staudinger

Jackson County, WI (WDJT) -- The stories of children and pets trapped helpless inside of cars in the summer heat have inspired a Wisconsin woman to invent a device meant to save them.

Amber Jowett used to work for the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

As a mother of two, she said she was scared to get so many calls about kids being left in cars. Therefore, she created the "Child Save Carseat."

"It displays pulse as well as temperature variables on it, so the pulse is through a sensor on the back of the clip placed right over the child's heart. So if the heart rate exceeds a certain amount along with the temperature going above 80 degrees inside the vehicle, an alarm is activated," Jowett said.

Jowett also says if the idea catches on, she only wants to sell them for $60 so that it will be affordable to everyone.


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