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Witness describes helping children after Sunday homicide

NOW: Witness describes helping children after Sunday homicide


Sunday, ABC 57 News first told you about a pregnant South Bend woman who was murdered.

Monday, we spoke with a witness who rushed to help her children, two little girls who were at the scene.

She’s one of several people who saw a 10-year-old girl holding her 1-year-old sister and dropped everything to help them.

“I was driving down the street, down Michigan, and I glanced over and seen a little girl carrying a baby and I just knew something wasn’t right when you see a little girl with no shoes, no pants shorts, carrying a baby with a blanket, on her crying, had to turn around right away,” said the anonymous witness.

Snow covered letters and flowers sit at the front of that South Bend home on South Michigan Street.

The memorial is for 33 year old Kenyatta McCurry. 

Her body was discovered by police Sunday morning around 9 a.m.

Details surrounding McCurry’s murder remain slim.

That kind witness tells ABC 57 what she heard a police officer say after leaving the home and seeing what was inside.

“He put his hand on neck to say mom was gone and then he said god help us all, it was a real sad moment even though we didn’t know these people, we were heartbroke,” said the witness.

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