Woes of another winter storm in Michiana

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- Mishawaka's mayor gave the state of the city address Monday night. While the city is doing well, the state of the side streets is a different story.

Marlin Mast said, "The side roads at the intersection, you can't see around the corner and you can't stop at the corner like you should because you need to keep going."

Residents in Mishawaka said they are ready for spring.

"In the last 30 years this is the worst winter I've ever seen," Mast said.

Parking on side streets has been a problem for most residents in Mishawaka the entire winter.

"I believe in our city and I believe our streets will be much more drivable soon, they will get the job done and everything will be great," Shari Obren said.

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