Woman accused of assisting a criminal who was charged with murder

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – A woman was arrested after allegedly assisting a criminal who had a warrant out for his arrest, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Law enforcement received an anonymous tip that Travis Logan was staying at a South Bend hotel with a female named Taylor Thomas.

Logan was charged with resisting law enforcement and leaving the scene of an accident in February 2020.

On March 28, 2022, Logan was charged with murder. He failed to appear for a hearing on March 29 and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest, reports said.

Officers learned that Logan and Thomas are neighbors and friends on social media.

On April 5, officers with the St. Joseph County Police Department found that Thomas had checked into a hotel in the county.

The clerk at the hotel confirmed Thomas was staying there and was confident Logan was with Thomas when she checked in.

On April 6, St. Joseph County Warrants officers got a key card for Thomas’s hotel room after confirming she hadn’t checked out yet.

Officers knocked on the door of Thomas’s room and when a female voice asked who it was, the officers identified themselves.

After also hearing a man’s voice coming from the room, officers unlocked the door using the key card.

The door was blocked by the security swing arm.

Officers outside the hotel radioed that Logan was trying to jump out of the window.

Officers kicked the door open and went inside the hotel room.

Thomas was standing in the officers’ way but was pulled aside and detained.

Logan, who was standing near the window, was also detained.

Thomas was arrested on the charge of assisting a criminal and given a $1,445 cash bond.

Her initial hearing is set for May 4.

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