Woman hit and killed in apartment parking lot

NOW: Woman hit and killed in apartment parking lot

GOSHEN, Ind.-- At around 8 AM Wednesday morning, Goshen Police officers were called to Ashton Pines Apartments regarding a vehicle versus pedestrian incident. When officers arrived to the scene, they learned an ADEC employee, who was driving the vehicle, was picking up the victim when she accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the brakes as the victim was walking to the vehicle, knocking her down and pinning her underneath.

“It was a nightmare,” Ashton Pines resident Felicia Nelson said. “You’d have to see it to understand what I feel you would’ve had to see it. It was bad.”

The 44-year-old woman who was hit died at the scene.

Next-door neighbor Felicia Nelson who moved into the apartment complex just a month ago in January said she saw it all happen.

“I’ve never seen something like that happen up close like...in real life. You know? It was just so close to me,” Nelson said. “There were so many police and stuff and everything...it was just so sad and when they got the shovels, I was like...because at first I thought the truck didn’t connect with her and then when I saw them go in the back and bring the gurney out I knew something was wrong.”

ADEC’S President provided a statement regarding the tragic accident saying

“Our hearts were heavy to learn that an individual that we serve lost their live in a tragic vehicle accident this morning. our prayers are with their loved ones, friends and extended family here at ADEC.”

The victim of the tragic accident, described as a friendly neighbor to all.

“She would come over and knock on my door and say have you seen or talked to your son lately how is he doing? You know it’s just sad she had to go like that. She’d come to her mailbox every day, she’d speak every day. She was just a real nice person.”

Nelson describes the situation as a freak accident and said she’s still in disbelief about what happened.

“I can’t believe she’s just gone. Just like that. I know she didn’t see it coming....and I know the lady who did it didn’t see it coming either.”

The accident is still under investigation at this time and a full accident report will be released Thursday.

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