Woman killed in Elkhart remembered by friends and coworkers

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- Friends of a woman killed in Elkhart are speaking out about her life before death.

Kimberly Dyer, 31, was a waitress at the 11th Frame restaurant in Columbia City before she went missing in October.

Beth Turner, another waitress at 11th Frame, worked with Dyer for a few years before she went missing.

"They are ruthless, they can't have a conscious at all, and they didn't realize that she's somebody's mother and she's somebody's daughter," Turner said.

Elkhart County prosecutors have charged Mario Angulo Jr., 19, and Donald Owen Jr., 20, with murder and confinement.

Matthew Murzynski, 24, is charged with confinement and causing serious bodily injury.

Dyer’s other coworkers said that she didn’t deserve to die in such an awful way.

Elkhart prosecutor Vicki Becker said that Dyer was intentionally killed and burned or tortured while still alive.

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