Work ordered issued for Phillip's Ditch, Jewell Woods sees flooding

NOW: Work ordered issued for Phillip’s Ditch, Jewell Woods sees flooding

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --  The rain drops hitting Michiana on Thursday, are dreaded by many across the area. 

Less than two weeks after Michiana's historic flooding, South Bend is just starting to get back on it's feet. 

One of the hardest hit areas, the Jewell Woods neighborhood, keeps getting hit the hardest.

The rain is a site for sore eyes, and sore memories. 

"People told us that we were lucky we were here for this time, because last time it was up to their waists," says Kara DeWeese. 

She moved into her home, just a couple of months ago.

So February's flooding, was a surprise she wasn't happy to see. 

"It was flooded up to our stream where the street is and all the way down," she said. "I didn't think it could happen in Indiana." 

The rainy day was ratting the neighbors. 

Many are hoping this round won't flood their homes again. 

"I'm pretty worried," says DeWeese. "It's been raining all day." 

Neighbors tell ABC57 News, that they're used to these persistent preparations and that these puddles and pools, on their lawns and the roads, serve as a constant reminder.

"We're making sure we're watching it and getting our cars out," says DeWeese.  "Now that we know where it floods, we can prepare for it."

ABC57 News also did a little digging about the Jewell Woods neighborhood. 

Phillips Ditch, nestled in the middle of it, is known by many as playing a part in the flooding. 

ABC57 News found a work order, regarding work for Phillips Ditch, filed with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources on February 7, 2018. Just two weeks before the historic flooding.

The work order says that 100 feet of the stream bank will be stabilized, where an existing culvert, under an access road failed. 

An Indiana DNR representative spoke with ABC57 News, and said it is an incomplete application to fix the culvert that washed out.

The representative added, there are no plans submitted along with the application. 

ABC57 News also reached out to St. Joseph County Public Works, but did not hear back as of air time on Thursday. 

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