Workshop aims to close achievement gap


Wednesday, the Indiana Youth Institute partnered with several other organizations to address achievement and opportunity gaps for local students.

A free workshop was hosted at the Oaklawn Psychiatric Center in Elkhart.

The organizer showed attendees how to use data to identify the factors that cause some students to underperform.

She says tackling this issue is a team effort.

“The reason this matter is so important is because it’s a complex community issue. It’s not a family issue, it’s not just for the schools to resolve, nor is it only for our government agencies to create programs and provide funding for, but it really takes some critical discussions it take some authentic programming really getting involved in talking with those that are actually in the gap to understand how to address these issues,” said Melba Salmon, organizer of the event.

Those who attended the workshop also learned how to connect kids to services to help them reach their potential.

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