Worthy Women Recovery Home opens following devastating fire

 A year ago, one non-profit in La Porte had to hang on to hope after a fire nearly destroyed its women’s recovery home.

Thursday, the home’s doors were open thanks to a community that opened its heart.

“No matter how rough things get, God is always there,” said Sonshine Troche, founder of Worthy Women.

The Worthy Women’s recovery home has become the miracle on Maple Street.

“It’s almost surreal because every day I walk in I say, ‘God you are so good,’” said Troche.

A year ago, the home was filled with melted metal, fried furniture and floors covered in ashes.

But Thursday, Troche was washing her hands of the past and pushing forward in the house of hope.

“We’ve been operational for the last four months on a steady basis and it’s wonderful,” said Troche.

It has become a new hope for recovering women.

“I finally have that feeling that I can do it and I’m ready and i believe it’s because of the people I have around me,” said resident Tricia Shinn.

Shinn, a former addict, now has a system for support.

“This isn’t just change for 6 months, this is the rest of your life,” she said.

And thanks to community support, this place was able to turn around tragedy into triumph after falling on faith.

The home received monetary support and even some help physically rebuilding the property.

A lot of the appliances were either donations or discounted for the organization.

For more information on Worthy Women, click here.

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