Wrapping gifts for Operation Christmas Care

Groups from all over Michiana have been hard at work to spread holiday cheer this season. The giving season continues Wednesday morning in Berrien Springs.

The Berrien Springs branch of the United Federal Credit Union will come together at 8 a.m. to wrap Christmas gifts to give to people in the community.

It all started 29 years ago when Jim Kesterke was the Berrien Springs Police Chief at the time. He made an arrest on Christmas Eve for a husband being abusive to his wife. When he made the arrest, he noticed the family had little food, no Christmas tree, or presents.

That inspired Kesterke to come up with a way to help. He asked his wife if they could donate their Christmas turkey along with some of their daughter's gifts.

Last year Operation Christmas Care gave away more than 286 food baskets along with gifts to more than 415 children. The Christmas Care program gives presents to people in schools, churches, and senior centers just to name a few.

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