Year in Review: November tornadoes

November 17th of this year wasn't just a busy severe weather day, there were a total of 28  tornadoes in Indiana that day. That is the third largest outbreak in Indiana history and the largest outbreak ever in November. It even beats the outbreak of 1974. which had 21.

We had 5 tornadoes here in Michiana. 


The strongest was an EF-2 with winds of 125 MPH that started 2.5 miles south of Silver Lake to 3 Miles East of Silver Lake. It was 150 yards wide and went just a little over 4 miles. It injured 2 people and lasted about 5 minutes.  Four farm buildings were leveled and some cattle were killed.


The longest was an EF-1 in southern Palaski County. It was on the ground for over 13 miles and had a width of a football field - 100 yards wide. The winds reached 110 mph. It stayed on the ground for about 10 minutes. A large barn was destroyed, there were also damaged structures in Medaryville.


There were 3 smaller, short-lived tornadoes. An EF-1 with winds of 100 MPH was on the ground for a little over a mile just east of Mentone. It damaged 2 homes and a large metal shelf.


Another was an EF-1 just south of Oswego. It was on the ground for 1.7 miles with winds of 95 MPH. It was 275 yards wide and was on the ground for 2 minutes. It damaged a large irrigation system and a home and two cars were damaged.


We had 1 in Michigan. An EF-1 that only lasted about 2 minutes and was on the ground for 1/2 mile. It was about 50 yards wide with winds of 110 MPH. 2 barns were heavily damages and many trees were damaged in the Park Shore Golf Course.


Some of the worst damage was just to the south of us in Kokomo.


Anchor Brian Dorman and Photojournalsit Kyle Fobe reported live from the damaged area.


This just goes to show you that having a First Warning on weather is needed all year long!

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