Youth movement for Notre Dame Football


This year Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly has played the most freshman in his tenure as a football coach. He says it's just the culture of Notre Dame.

"I can't remember ever playing this many freshman," Coach Kelly said. "We don't have redshirts here. We have two, but if you come to Notre Dame, you're going to play."

The youth movement is really evident on the defensive side of the ball. Julien Love, Devin Studstill, and Dante Vaughn. All freshman, and make up 3/4 of the secondary.

"At first we were really nervous, but we've grown to just be comfortable out there," Julien Love said. "Dvaughn is out there working for me and I'm working for him and so on, it's a pretty special thing."

Growing up fast has been the unofficial motto of Notre Dame's freshman this year. The veterans know this too and expect them to play at a high level.

"After a while, you stop being labeled as a freshman," Greer Martini said. "These guys have five games under their belt so they're playing at a high level and expect them too."

A lot of people can point to the 2-3 start as a result of the amount of freshman getting significant time, but the older players realize this group has the makings of something special.

"I tell them that everyday. I mean I look at myself as a freshman to where I'm at now and I"m like, 'I wasn't even as close to as good as some of these guys," Issac Rochell said. "It's exciting and I'm excited for them."

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