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YWCA talks preventing domestic violence homicides

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – The YWCA of North Central Indiana shared some information on Tuesday about how to prevent domestic violence homicides.

The YWCA said there are five indicators that domestic violence could cause death.

1) If an abuser threatens to injure or kill the victim, the risk of homicide increases 15 times.

2) If an abuser uses or threatens to use a weapon, the risk of fatality increases 20 times.

3) If an abuser attempts to strangle the victim, the risk of fatality increases nearly 10 times.

4) If an abuser forces the victim to have sex, the risk of fatality increases by more than 7 times.

5) If an abuser shows extreme jealousy, the risk of fatality increases by more than 9 times.

The YWCA said they want to help the community start to indentify these indicators so that they don’t lead to a fatality.

These are the "five lethality indicators for domestic violence homicides" according to the U.S. Department of Justice. They are based on national domestic violence cases that are most likely to end up as a homicide.

If you or someone else needs help you can always call the YWCA’s 24 hour crisis line.









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