2020 SJHS robotics challenge

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Saint Joseph Health Systems partnered with Granger Exploration and Robotics Studio (GEARS) to host the 3rd annual SJHS 2020 Robotics Challenge.

This event is geared toward 3rd through 8th grade students to help grow the next generation of health care engineers.

In a series of four challenge days, student teams will be competing to accumulate the most points at each event by creating robots based on real-world problems.

SJHS stagg will also host several sessions to introduce and teach students about the use of robots in health care. 

The prize at the end of the 4 competition dates will allow the winning team to name the Globus ExcelsiusGPS which helps doctors involved in spinal surgery.

The equipment has and will continue to be used at the Saint Joseph Mishawaka Medical Center.

The events are:

Event 1: Feb. 8, 2020, SJHS Mishawaka Medical Center

Event 2: Feb. 22, 2020, ETHOS Innovation Center, Elkhart

Event 3: March 28, 2020, SJHS Plymouth Medical Center

Event 4: April 25, 2020, Challenge Final, South Bend Makers Faire, Success Academy

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