30 days since South Bend woman vanished

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Missing 22 year old Alma Del Real's family is increasing their efforts to find her by contacting the Governor's office and Senator Joe Donnelly's office.

Del Real's mother is in Mexico, unable to help in the search of her missing daughter.

Susana Langunas, Alma Del Real's aunt has reached out to legislators in hopes they can help bring her mother home.

“Donnelly's office, I'm signing some forms today, so that maybe they can help me bring Alma's mother here in the country,” said Langunas.

The family also reached out to Governors office. He emailed them with options for additional resources like Texas EquuSearch and the National Guard Reserves search team.

The family brought their ideas to South Bend Police Tuesday morning and they were told this case is far from cold.

“Reassurance that yes this is not going cold, and yes they are still actively doing what they need to do to help us find Alma,” said Langunas.

Despite time continuing to pass by, Captain Phil Trent says they are still following every lead.

“We are not running out of information,  we are not running out of leads, there is plenty of information to follow up on for the police,” said Trent.
While police search, the family continues to look as well.

“I will never stop looking for her I don't care if it happens, if its years and years she's always on my mind and I will never stop looking for her ever never in my life,” said Langunas.
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