4H team experimenting with biotechnology

NOW: 4H team experimenting with biotechnology

GOSHEN, Ind. - In accordance with this year's theme, the Elkhart County 4H Fair brings to mind ‘farm, family, and fun.’ The biotechnology team is hoping to add science to that mix with their hands-on experiments.

The team was started two years ago to encourage high school students to get excited about STEM subjects.

“People really think of 4H as just cows…[but] as we look more and more into today’s society, we are so much more focused on the science and technology and engineering,” said extension educator, Robert Kelly.

“As part of our 4H program, we have a ‘Teens as Teachers Biotechnology Team,” sponsored by the Indiana Soy Bean Association, said Kelly.

Teens like Taylar McKinley lead different demonstrations to peak younger students' interest in science.

“Working with the kids and teaching them all of these experiments, it’s just awesome,” said science ambassador, Taylar McKinley.

“When we look at the job market now, it’s increasing more so on STEM versus manual labor, so it’s really important to give our kids those skills that they need,” said Kelly.

“My leadership skills have blossomed from this, and I just absolutely love teaching the kids and teaching them the experiments,” said McKinley.

Fun fact provided by the biotech team: Soybeans are used to print 90% of the nation’s daily newspapers.

The team will be doing one more demonstration Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Elkhart County Community Center.

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