57 Minute Miracle surprises a retired radio host in Winona Lake

WINONA LAKE, Ind. – ABC 57 heads to Winona Lake for the final 57 Minute Miracle of the season. The team ends up searching for a local retired radio legend, thanks to his neighbor.

John Kendall said his neighbor Harvey Miller could probably use a miracle, because he lives alone and has been suffering from some health problems.

When the ABC 57 team found Miller, he said he had suffered a mini stroke just that morning, but he was feeling fine.

When he discovered what the miracle was, he said, “Wow! My heavens! Oh gosh!”

His neighbor, John Kendall, said, “We’ve been neighbors for 25 years, and we all keep an eye out for each other out here, always have, and it’s been a great friendship.”

A friendship during which he listened to Harvey’s voice over the radio waves for WRSW.

Back in the day, he was known as Buck Rogers, but most recently, most listeners just knew him as himself—Harvey Miller.

Even with his ailments, Harvey says, laughing, “hey I can’t complain. I got 500 bucks here.”

Friday, John told ABC 57 that Harvey is currently in the hospital in Fort Wayne.

Check back in for updates on his condition.

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