6-month-old who fled Puerto Rico hurricane gets life-saving surgery

By Julian Crews

Oak Lawn, IL (WGN) -- Puerto Rico native, Dr. Melissa Nader, was part of the extraordinary medical team at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oaklawn who gave an infant girl from Puerto Rico a chance to lead a normal life.

Soreyl Mirailh had a hole in her heart from a congenital heart condition and she needed surgery.

She was scheduled to have her surgery performed in Puerto Rico, when Hurricane Maria rolled in, cutting off electricity to the hospital.

Her surgery was canceled indefinitely.

That's when her parents took their ailing daughter to Chicago, in an act of desperation.

But a post on Facebook, combined with the team at Advocate Children's Hospital, gave this six-month-old girl a second chance at life.

"It’s been completely a blessing," said her mother, Sylvia Mirailh.

Soreyl had the surgery in November. Her doctor's say she's recovered and is doing well.

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